Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Hot Off The Press! Introducing, The Maine Inn Team...

Lodging broker Dana Moos has joined with former innkeeper and real estate agent Tori Baron to form the Maine Inn Team, with a focus on the hospitality industry. Between them, they have 20 years of innkeeping experience with backgrounds in marketing, sales and real estate. Dana has been selling inns throughout Maine since 2008. They’ll be offering seminars and workshops to help give buyers the tools they need to make their dream a reality and sellers the tools to plan their exit strategy.

Buying or selling an inn can be a relatively long process. We don't just take part in a quick transaction, we establish relationships. The sale is not our goal. Your success is our goal. And our relationship doesn't end at the closing table.

We are fully immersed in the hospitality industry and focus on selling Maine Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and commercial real estate with a hospitality component, including restaurants and event venues. We have been in your shoes, whether as buyer or seller.  We offer years of cultivated contacts and resources for every aspect of your business, from acquisition to operations to preparing your inn for sale and beyond. Maine hospitality lenders, attorneys, tax accountants, hospitality association leaders, vendors, you name it.

Tori and her husband hired Dana to list their inn and in June 2019, they handed over the torch to new owners. Several months prior to closing on the inn, Dana shared thoughts with Tori about wanting to expand her business, as she considered the possibility of bringing on a new specialist/agent to work with as a team, one also experienced in the hospitality industry. Dana appreciated Tori's understanding of the industry, the financials and what operating today's inn entails in the ever changing landscape of the OTAs (online travel agencies) such as Booking.com, Expedia and AirBnB.

Both Dana and Tori are enthusiastic and passionate about tourism and hospitality and share the understanding that offering hospitable service is the foundation of building and maintaining client relationships. Between us we have 20 years of innkeeping experience. Hospitality is in our genes. You either have it or you have to work at it. We have it!

Soon after several planning meetings and discussions, The Maine Inn Team was formed. 

To read more about Dana and Tori, check out The Maine Inn Team.

Tori Baron
The group photo was taken at the 2019 Hospitality Maine Summit at Sugarloaf in November. Left to right, that's me (Dana), Vanessa Santarelli, Your Maine Concierge, Tori Baron, Mark Osborne and Buzz Makarewicz from Topside Inn

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Update on Inn on the Wharf for Sale in Lubec

If you love the idea of Inn on the Wharf but aren't looking for anything at this price point, there's an option to purchase the inn, restaurant and wharf business without the two homes and 6 vacant lots. The price for this offering would be $2,945,000.

Check out the full listing details on my website.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


I've been buried in new listing paperwork, but that is a good thing. More on the market from which buyers can choose.

Before I get into those listings, the lender who closed my last inn deal said commercial rates are hovering just under or around 4.5%. I was floored. I had been quoting 5%, then went up to 5.25%. Now he tells me I am safe in quoting 4.5%. The Fed didn't do anything with rates yesterday, and the lending market in Maine is still looking strong. 4.5% is historically low for commercial. It's a buyer's market!

So here's a fantastic list of new to the market inns of all types, sizes and locations:

Inn at Southwest in Southwest Harbor (on MDI) (7 rooms near Acadia National Park)
Inn on the Wharf in Lubec (23 rooms, restaurant, working wharf, whale watching cruises)
Inn at Park Spring in downtown Portland (6 rooms in the heart of town)
Five Gables Inn in East Boothbay  (16 rooms perched on a hill with a beautiful view of Linekin Bay)
Captain Sawyer's Bed and Breakfast in Boothbay Harbor  (9 rooms in town with a great view of town and the harbor)
Wilson Lake Inn in Wilton (30 unit hotel on beautiful Wilson Lake near Farmington)
Pier One (currently a vacation rental with 6 units, the owner lives in the large unit right on the water in Southwest Harbor)
Youngtown Inn and Restaurant in Lincolnville (6 guest rooms and a 55 seat restaurant just a few miles to Camden and a mile to Cellardoor Winery and Vineyard)

Inn at Park Spring

Inn at Southwest

Inn on the Wharf

Pier One

Wilson Lake Inn

Five Gables Inn

Captain Sawyer's

Youngtown Inn

And we have a new price on Inn at Sunrise Point

Check out ALL LISTINGS on my website.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Change is Good!

As of July 1, 2019, I am the Director of Lodging and Hospitality Brokerage for The Swan Agency Sotheby's International Realty.

I started my lodging brokerage career with Kim Swan in early 2008 when I obtained my Maine real estate license and listed my own inn for sale. Kim's "Lodging Specialists" team were a small group of lodging brokers who had previously owned and operated their own inns. We walked through a buyer and seller's shoes and truly understood the nuances of an inn deal.

Around the same time, the country began to go through a recession. We sold our inn in March 2009 when the Dow hit a recession low. We were fortunate.

For the next few years I sold 1, 2, maybe 3 inns. The economy was slow to bounce back. It was in 2012 I decided to join The B&B Team. I was excited about the idea of working with buyers and sellers nationwide as an inn consultant. The B&B Team is very strong in that regard. And the idea to work for a company that focuses 100% on what I sell was appealing. The Swan Agency Sotheby's International Realty sells both inns and residential. The decision for me wasn't easy because I really liked the people I worked with at Swan. 

Fast forward to today and dozens of sales later. I have had a great run with The B&B Team. But I didn't end up working outside of Maine, because Maine kept me busy. And I realized that I truly didn't want to cover anywhere outside of Maine. The innkeeping world brought me to Maine in 2004 to buy an inn and my love of Maine has only grown since.

So after giving serious consideration of my career, I decided for the very opposite reason that I went to work with The B&B Team was going to bring me back to The Swan Agency. I wanted to work with an agency who devotes 100% of its efforts to the state I love so much. To the tourism and hospitality industry I know so well. To the state I love to call home. And Like The Swan Agency says "we work Maine, we play Maine, we are Maine'.

The opportunity for me to share my lodging brokerage expertise with other Swan Agency lodging brokers is appealing. To be the one to help others gain confidence and give them tools they might need. I guess it's why I like teaching at Stonewall Kitchen, to share what I know that has worked for me. I never saw myself as the teaching type, but I guess it was just in me and showed up at my doorstep one day. And we will be offering a variety of current innkeeper workshops as well as aspiring innkeeper seminars, but only in Maine, for those looking to buy in Maine. Stay tuned for announcements. 

So I hope to continue to work deals with my former B&B Team colleagues and look forward to my new role at The Swan Agency Sotheby's International Realty.

Thank you all for your support!

dana moosRealtor®
Director of Lodging and Hospitality Brokerage
Representing Buyers and Sellers Statewide Since 2008

Serving the Hospitality Industry, Selling the Hospitality Lifestyle

Dana Moos Consulting, LLC
danamoos.com, iPhone 207-266-5604
Cookbook Author, The Art of Breakfast
Guest Chef Cooking Instructor, Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FOUR more inns sold since my last blog post? YES! Don't miss out, things are moving...

I haven't even had a chance to post what has sold since my last 'sold' blog post March 29th. 1802 House in Kennebunkport (buyer rep), Limerock Inn in Rockland (seller rep), Bar Harbor Cottages and Suites in Bar Harbor (buyer rep) and James Place Inn in Freeport (seller rep). All between April 30th and June 17th!

West End Inn

James Place Inn

1802 House Inn

The economy is strong, Maine tourism is strong, Maine's micro breweries, distilleries, arts and food scene are exploding, so what are you waiting for?

Contact me to talk about the first steps...

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Charming Cottages Near Acadia National Park and a Strong Business. CHECK OUT THE NUMBERS!

Open Hearth Inn and Cottages sits at the 'gateway' to Acadia National Park, in Trenton, Maine, just steps from the popular  Trenton Bridge Lobster. 

Tom and Anne Rau purchased this as a pre-retirement plan. The couple are a perfect balance between warm hospitality and Mr. Handyman Fix-it-all. Their efforts, with not just Anne's hospitality, but her decorative touches, keeping the guest in mind and Tom's continuous efforts to update the cottages and rooms are quite evident in the growing success of their business. And let me not forget to mention the muffins. The homemade muffin offering there is a long standing tradition that not many cottage colony properties or motels offer. 17 units total, with 3 inn-style suites, 4 lodge rooms, 2 fully equipped apartments and 8 adorable cottages. Guests enjoy parking next to their units, picnic tables, chairs and rates that are easy on the wallet and allow guests to spend their money in the park, at dinner or activities.

The numbers.
Since Tom and Anne purchased in 2015 to 2018, they have increased the revenue considerably. Let's look at the stats.

11.32% increase from 2014 to 2015
20.22% increase from 2015 to 2016
4.38% increase from 2016 to 2017
6.72% increase from 2017 to 2018
33.92% increase since 2015 when they purchased
49.09% increase based on 2018 since 2014
41.99% increase based on 2019 over 2015
58.06% increase based on 2019 over 2014

And they've taken the ADR (average daily rate) up from $80/night to $110, but without dropping occupancy AT ALL which is a solid indicator that there's still room to increase rates. Tom and Anne  will leave that up to new owners, to give them continued opportunity. And based on the asking price, we are looking at a 10% cap on 2018 and likely 11.5% based on 2019. Strong business!

And check out the list of improvements:

New septic system installed and resized for correct number of rooms. 
Deck supports (lodge building) revamped added and made safe
Corner on lodge building repaired (former owners)
Added 2 Orkin yearly contracts, for pest/bed bugs preventative
Decking replace on Lodge deck completely (in fall)
Side rail added to spa (required by state)
Roof repaired and replaced over suites (partial)
Repaired, simplified, made safe electrical for signs
Replaced lamp post and lights at entrances x 3
Roof replacement over office and owners quarters
Lodge A&B bathroom fans replaced
Added Little Hotelier after the end of the season
Replaced skylight in spa room

New gravel to driveway, rocks added around well, driveway patched where they put in new well
Patio sliding door put in owners quarters
Apt B new flooring and subfloor
New BBQ grill for guest deck
New well pump, and tank and plumbed garage
Cottage 6,7, and 8 new roofs 
Wiring corrected over suites
18 sets of windows re-glazed and panes replaced
TVs replaced in cottages (larger) and suites
TVs hung in Lodge rooms and upgraded 32 inch as needed
Cottage 4,5 doors replaced
Sewer line repaired and replaced cottage 1 and 2
New ozone generator for spa
New wall heaters for 8 and 9
Oil tank replaced in main house
New flooring and ceiling in cottage 8, wiring corrected
Suite 3 new sink, fan, toilet and flooring
Furniture for set up of Suite 1 for exchange students
Through wall A/C replaced lodge D
Heat pump installed owners quarters
Heat pump installed Apt B
Ceilings repaired Suite 2, 3,4 and Suite 1
Lodge Roof replaced
New fence added behind owners quarters
New dryer and added to have 3 for business
New electric fireplace insert added to APT B
4 new bathtub/shower faucets (anti scald) Lodge A,B,C,D

Massive professional landscaping, lawn reseeded and grub control
Remainder of Cottages re roofed 1,2,3,4,5, and 9
New glass shower doors suite 2
New shower natural stone tile suite two
Septic float switch replaced (behind lodge)
Both decks cleaned, and water sealed
Painted inside railing of main deck
Heavy duty pressure switch added on garage pump
Removed front awning
12 new mattress sets for replacements in rooms
Added Booking.com
Added 3 and replaced 1 picnic tables
New fridge, dishwasher, and microwave owners kitchen
Switched to Irving from Acadia fuel added annual boiler maintenance plans

New septic pump behind lodge (now all new)
New mattress for 2 pullouts, cottage 7 and cottage 5
New light for office entrance and APT A
New light post front walk
New flooring Lodge D
Painted and repaired Suite 2 Bathroom, Bedroom walls
Painted and repaired Apt B Bathroom, Bedroom walls
Replaced Door to Apt B
Replaced both washers and added pedestals/5 year service
Repaired Apt B exterior walls (partially done)
Painted front of main building soffit
New screens for Apt B
Spectrum rewired entire property for digital tv service
Painted railing on inside Lodge building
Painted stairs on Lodge A/B side
Painted railing outside main deck
Removed 6 trees, replaced with cedars in front
Replaced Door to Apt A
Replaced last old dryer (both washer and 3 dryers all replaced)
Replaced dehumidifier in Basement of main house
Replaced remaining mattresses and box springs except for 2 kings all been replaced
Re-wired under APT B and put in boxes and made safe


Check out the listing on my website for more details and contact me if you want to discuss further.

Monday, April 1, 2019

You know what the seller paid....OR DO YOU?

Understandably, many buyers while doing a bit of pre-offer due diligence may check public records to see what the seller paid. But what they see may not necessarily be the price the seller paid. WHAT? WHY?

It's because at the time of sale, the town only records what a party paid for the asset. The land and building, or the 'real estate'. But maybe the sale included FF&E (fixtures, furniture and equipment), or goodwill (business assets such as guest database, website, trade name, etc also known as 'intangibles') and maybe there was a non-competition agreement they paid for. The town records only the amount allocated to real estate because that's the asset you're paying town property taxes on.

So here's an example. Owner of ABC inn paid $1,000,000 when they purchased. The inn is now on the market for $1,350,000. Potential buyer looks online and sees the seller paid $855,000 when they purchased. But in fact, the seller paid $1,000,000, but the price was allocated among the assets as follows:

Building:       $  685,000
Land:            $  170,000
FF&E:           $    75,000
Goodwill:      $    50,000
Non-Comp:   $    20,000
Total:           $1,000,000

This 'allocation of assets', as it is referred to in the purchase and sale agreement, has to be agreed to by both parties. They have to sign a form for IRS purposes as this allocation affects income tax and capital gains tax. But that's an even bigger topic that I won't go into now.

If you want to read my analogy of allocation of assets to a hamburger, check it out. This snapshot is taken from a delicious article in Downeast about the best burgers in Maine. I cannot argue with many of them but I must say, the smoked burger at East Ender is amazing!

At any rate, this was just to show you that what might appear to be the sale price, might not be. Now you know. Not everything is as it appears! But this BURGER is probably everything that it appears to be and MORE!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Two More Maine Inn Sales! York Beach and Portland, Maine...

The Lighthouse Inn and Carriage House on Nubble Road sits just up from Nubble Light and steps to both Long Sands and Short Sands Beach. 31 units, many rooms with decks and views, pool hot tub, lovely patio and wonderful hospitality! I was pleased to represent the seller.

This is West End Inn, a 6 room boutique bed and breakfast in the heart of the coveted West End neighborhood of downtown Portland, Maine. The inn offers a bit of sophistication in the urban setting. I was pleased to represent both buyer and seller.


Interested in talking about the market? Or looking to understand what you don't know to ask? Check out my top 12 blog post topics, I love educating! https://www.danamoos.com/financials1.html

Friday, March 22, 2019

Two Maine Inns Sold 3/15/19! Kennebunkport and Camden...

Last week both Edgewater Inn in Kennebunkport and Blue Harbor House in Camden both changed hands! 

Edgewater, pictured first, is located on Ocean Avenue in the heart of town, just up from beaches, shopping and the Bush compound. A lovely 12 room boutique inn that was fully renovated and rebranded in 2012. I was pleased to represent the sellers.

Blue Harbor House is located right in the hear of the picturesque coastal village of Camden, Maine. The inn offers 11 comfortable and beautifully decorated rooms, afternoon tea and baked goods. And fantastic hospitality I know the new owners will carry on. I was pleased to represent both buyers and sellers.


Interested in talking about the market? Or looking to understand what you don't know to ask? Check out my top 12 blog post topics, I love educating! https://www.danamoos.com/financials1.html

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 Maine Tourism Stats are in...Time to buy an inn in Maine!

Maine tourism has been on the rise now for the 6th straight year. Interest rates aren't going to go down any time soon and are still historically low. TIME TO BUY AN INN! Have you checked out my listings? A few are under contract so don't waste time! Contact me for details.