Thursday, October 20, 2016

Drone Photos by Penobscot Bay in Lincolnville, Maine

I decided to test out drone photos on a listing of mine yesterday. Being a hobby photographer, I've thought about buying a drone. But there's quite a bit of coordination involved in setting up the drone, setting up the shot, moving it around, and watching both the drone in the sky, the screen and controls in your hand. I think for now I'll hire someone to do my drone photos!

These are a few from Glenmoor By the Sea.

Enjoy the view and the foliage from the coast of Maine!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Maine Thing Is You...

Thank you Maine Office of Tourism I couldn't agree more!

Idyllic Autumn in Maine Postcard!

I snapped this while driving through Damariscotta toward Pemaquid Point - not a bad capture, and fabulous subject matter! If this doesn't exude New England in the fall, I'm not sure what does!

The Importance of Owner's Quarters in a Bed and Breakfast

Jan Wolf of our Team just wrote a blog post on the increasing importance of nice owner's quarters space. Worth a quick read.

More and more buyers today are placing a great deal of emphasis on finding just the right space.  And some buyers are families with a need for more than one bedroom.

After all, this is a lifestyle 'job change' and buyers aren't looking to completely sacrifice living space.

This is a basement!
Basements can be quite nice, it's all in the finishes...
(this is not my listing)

And these are photos of owner's quarters space from some of my listings........

The photos I've shown here are not what we typically find. They are exceptional. However, don't get discouraged if an inn has a basement apartment. My inn was a basement apartment, with hardwood floors and completely finished drywall ceiling, etc. It's really all in the finishes. If you have plenty of windows for natural light, even better. But let's remember something, you aren't going to be spending the majority of your time IN your quarters. You're going to be spending your time in the INN and on your business!

Contact me to discuss anything on your mind. I'm here to help!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ah, yes, autumn in Maine!

I just saw this posted on Facebook by one of my beautiful listings, Greenville Inn. They do such a great job with social media. They share some amazing area photos showing the natural beauty of Maine. Check out their Facebook page. Nice job, Terry and Jeff!

The View from Greenville Inn