Thursday, July 30, 2015


Habits of the Millennial! Some interesting travel related info... Read the full article at Little Hotelier

New Listing! Wilson Pond Camps in Maine's Moosehead Lake region

Aerial view of the property
A standard guest cottage

A large guest cottage

Wilson Pond Camps = luxury + rustic + simple + relaxation in the beautiful north woods of Maine.
Seven individual cottages with full kitchens, living rooms, pine interiors, wood stoves and a gorgeous waterfront view on Lower Wilson Pond. Just 3 1/2 miles east of Greenville, this smaller lake offers quiet beauty and a wonderful place to explore what the area has to offer.

A beautiful post and beam owner's home, oversized two car garage, potting shed, wood storage shed, docks, floats, kayaks and canoes. An outdoor enthusiast's playground!

3.5 acres with 680 feet of frontage on Lower Wilson Pond.

Offered at $1,195,000. For more details on this wonderful property, see the listing page on my website.
Owner's home, potting shed

The view!

A standard guest cottage

Monday, July 27, 2015

Updates at Claddagh Motel in Rockport, Maine!

New A/C units, new windows, new Bath Fitter tubs, new curtains, new privacy window shades, new bathroom vinyl, new white fencing and arbor, new flowering shrubs....this retro style property is really looking great, colorful and cheerful! Just a tenth of a mile to scenic Glen Cove. And with a strong business in place (and historical income), sellers are ready to retire. Could this strong, seasonal motel business be a good fit for you? Contact me for details or visit the listing on my website.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Best Customer Service: LET ME LOOK INTO THAT FOR YOU!

Has a guest ever asked you a question and you simply don't know? The BEST (and only way in my opinion) way to handle it is to GET the answer.

Imagine this conversation:

GUEST: What time does the museum open today?
INNKEEPER: I'm pretty sure 10am
GUEST: hmmm...

Pretty sure? Does this leave your guest feeling confident you've done all you can for them? NO. So go to your phone, your smart phone or computer and look it up. Period. If your guest says they'll check back in with you before they head out for the day, find the answer, hand write it on a logo notepad and slip it under their door. This way, you've prevented the guest from taking an extra step, and instead, you've taken the extra step for them.

It's alright that we don't always have the immediate answer. But always be willing to GET the answer!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Price Reduction! Briar Lea Inn and Jolly Drayman Pub in Bethel, Maine

Briar Lea Inn and Jolly Drayman Pub in Bethel, Maine is now offered at $500,000! Great manageable small pub business with strong numbers and lodging income with room for growth. The numbers work! Visit the listing page on my website for more details.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

ROOM RATES: Shift Your Marketing Focus From Price to Value...

Room pricing has always been a very interesting topic for me, as both a former innkeeper and now inn broker and consultant working with innkeepers.

I've always discussed with my clients pricing and perceived value and this article addresses just that. If you drop your prices too low, you also chance dropping the overall perception of value you provide. Here's the article in part:

"Don't Get Dragged Into the Price War

A lot of the traditional independent hotels under pressure from stakeholders have turned to price-level competition. When your biggest USP is your price, then that is all that you will be judged on. A lower room rate becomes your only significant offering. But the guest you are targeting has a goal: to keep searching the internet for an ever lower rate.

Pricing is a shortsighted play. If you are looking for long-term profitability, you need to look at the value your are providing to your guests. Taking the time to educate your guests can make all the difference in value perception, allowing you to charge more for your rooms.

Better Perception = Better Price = Better Profits."

Read the full article here.