Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Foliage Reports are in...the perfect time to come look at lodging properties for sale in Maine.

This time of the year is ideal for looking at lodging properties in Maine as peak foliage is usually around October 15th - my favorite season here in Maine.

But the primary reason to start looking now is to be in place before the start of the Summer season in 2011, which for many areas, is usually Memorial Day weekend. If you're looking at a four season property with a strong winter business, now is definitely the time to look since the best Winter months for outdoor sports are January - March. The properties I've been involved with selling over the past few years have been put under contract between September and February and have settled between March and May. Many Sellers feel that Winter is the slowest time, when actually it really isn't. Obviously as a Buyer, you want to be settled in your new place to reap the financial benefits of the busiest season and you want to give yourself enough time to do the "personalizing" needed to make your new home and business, yours. Winter is perfect for the interior prep-work, marketing, getting reservations. Come Spring, you'll tackle the exterior work before getting really busy come July 4th. Just something to think about if you hadn't already...

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