Friday, August 7, 2009

Just a random photography post...

I've been playing with the settings on my DSLR camera (which is the Canon EOS D40).

The top photo was taken on manual setting, the exposure was .6 seconds, f-stop f/5.6 ISO speed 400 and focal length was 135mm.

The photo below was set on automatic and the exposure was 2 seconds, f-stop f/5.6 ISO speed 800 and focal length was 135mm.

Clearly the longer exposure of the 2nd photo allowed for the trees in the foreground to be seen, as well as the blue of the sky, but there's far less detail in the long focal point, being the moon and clouds. The top photo provides the crisp edge to the moon which was what my intention was, to capture the moon amongst the clouds, not the blue sky or trees! A point and shoot camera would only capture the image below. I love my DSLR for the photo image quality!

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