Friday, May 8, 2009

I get to play guest chef for a day...or a week!

Two months after my husband and I bought Kingsleigh Inn in 2004, we attended an innkeeping seminar and met the now innkeepers at Timbercliffe Cottage Bed and Breakfast in Camden, Maine. From the start we just hit it off with Dave and Karen (from Chicago) - they were looking to buy an inn, and we just bought ours and moved from the DC area. We kept in touch over the years and have since sold our inn. But Karen knows how much I love to cook for people. So I'm heading down to Camden to offer my culinary services to Karen! I knew after selling the inn that I'd miss it, particularly the food aspect. Karen and I are of the same mind when it comes to the kitchen. We often talk about what great fun it would be to have a bakery or a fancy foods store somewhere...creative minds are dangerous together!

So in June I will get to play Bed and Breakfast chef at the wonderful Timbercliffe Cottage. Thanks so much, Karen. I'll try and keep Dave focused...

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