Tuesday, October 13, 2020


It's been a busy summer into fall this year!  

New listings came on board (not driven by the pandemic, just coincidental)

Hartstone Inn and Hideaway, Lodging and Fine Dining in Camden, a confidential catering company in mid-coast, Oxford House Inn and Restaurant in Fryeburg, Captain Swift Inn in Camden, 76 Pleasant Street Restaurant in Norway and East Wind Inn and Tavern in Tenants Harbor! Click on the images for listing details.

These listings offer something for everyone - from 4 rooms to 23, with restaurants or bar and taverns, waterfront or in town, a catering company with a building that can be used for any number of businesses! 
There have also been new price adjustments on some listings
Contact me for more info or just to talk. You don't know what you don't know!

Are you ready to hit the reset button for 2021?

The Lending Climate for Hospitality During a Pandemic...

There are no shortage of inn buyers or sellers these days. It's almost as if the pandemic has placed an opportunity to hit the reset button, giving many a reality check of what's important. 

But are the banks lending? That's the question on everyone's mind.

I closed one inn in February this year. Then Covid hit. Three deals then fell through......

Fast forward 6 months or so, I closed two inns last month, The Inn at Bath (bottom two photos) and Acadia Bay Inn (top two). Both buyers worked with Machias Savings Bank and both utilized an SBA deal offering incentive to close by late September. I've frankly never seen a bank push through a commercial loan so quickly but I also didn't realize Machias is an SBA preferred lender, and as such, perhaps they have means that other banks don't. 

I have a list of hospitality lenders in Maine, but of that list, Machias Savings was the only one interested in taking on new hospitality loans, whereas others were looking to wait until the first quarter of 2021, giving them time to  assess the state of the industry a bit before jumping back into things. 

My understanding of why Machias might lend and others might not or why others might be more selective of what deals they would be willing to lend on would be that many other banks with a large portfolio of existing hospitality loans have been busy in 2020 forgiving loans, or deferring payments in order to help their current hospitality clients stay afloat. Machias may not have had a hospitality heavy portfolio in recent years and took this as an opportunity to grow theirs.

I have continued buyer interest and Machias Savings seems eager to continue down the path with hospitality buyers. And with the tourism season getting busier into the fall, things seem a lot more positive going forward than they did earlier in the year.


Contact me if you have any questions at all or want me to introduce you to a Machias Savings loan officer!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

ZOOM Aspiring Innkeeper Workshop Schedule is Posted



October 3 & 4
10a-1p each day


November 7 & 8
10a-1p each day

November 28 & 29
10a-1:30p each day 


The Maine Inn Team launched our Aspiring Innkeeper Workshops for 2020 and then Covid Hit.

Like so many businesses, we are looking for ways to adapt to this new present day challenge. Things seem to change so quickly and so must we. 
We are seeing an uptick in interest from prospective buyers, particularly those looking to get out of Covid hot spots and up to Maine where the population may be less and the beauty, experiences and overall quality of life Maine has to offer is unsurpassed.
Our two-day weekend workshops were scheduled for 2020, but with the uncertainty of Covid-19, we are looking for ways to provide all of the same important content, but in ZOOM fashion instead. This will save you time, money and effort if you prefer to learn from home along with other aspiring innkeepers!

More information about our aspiring innkeeper workshop can be found herehttps://www.danamoos.com/seminars.html

The cost is $95 per weekend.

You can sign up for the workshops here.



We look forward to educating you!